New Project Heading to Retail

TSV is proud to announce our latest release to Love Monsters: Improving Relationships through Better Communication is due to be released any time now. This is our first self help book and we hope you will find it insightful and worthy of a listen. Speaking of listening TSV is looking for volunteers to give our books a listen and rate us on Don’t worry it won’t cost you anything as we will provide you with the book. if you are interested in helping out drop us a line.

JACKAL: A Jessica James Mystery

Top Shelf Voice is please to announce JACKAL: A Jessica James Mystery is headed to retail soon.

Sent off to Las Vegas in search of her biological father - a washed-up magician called The Mesmerizer - Jessica arrives in town penniless and with nowhere to turn. She ends up crashing on an old school friend's couch and getting a job as a hotel maid.Her first night on the job, she finds a naked guy in the bathtub with a note to call 911, and Jessica suspects her old friend McKenzie might be involved.

Jackal cover.jpg

New Release Coming Soon

Just finished up and released for review today. Look for it on Audible and iTunes in the coming weeks.


Zack hates. He hates Aiden for sticking by him, hates Max for still being the confident bastard he was at school. Most of all he hates himself for not dying along with a one night stand.
Max Knowles watches the woman he introduced to the life putting on her 'happy hooker' face as one by one, her girls get their happy ever afters. Every day, her smile gets a little more strained, and his heart breaks a little more. The solution is clear, but will the cost of putting permanent smiles back on the faces of people he cares about, be the loss of the woman he loves?

New Romance Project

Thanks to Speedy Publishing for their faith in me for another project. This is a 6 book series set in the future and should be releasing in mid to late Jan 2019. Until then here is a synopsis that I was provided.

“When the world government realized that the world was about to be damaged beyond repair, they had to take drastic action. A thousand years later and the last of the population are living without technology and under the strict regulations set by The City of Hope council. The problem is that nobody can fight back. Each person is required by law to have a chip inserted into them at birth. This chip can be deactivated at any time and once that happens, your life is deactivated with it. There is a small fraction of people, though, who fight against The City of Hope. They are old worlders & They've managed to hide for generations and can’t be tracked, because they were never chipped. They're the reason that Sarah was forced to become a bounty hunter. They're the reason that the most important thing in her life was taken from her. When Sarah finds a huge camp of old worlders, she knows that she only needs one to finish paying of the council. But when she chooses to take a girl with wild hair and leave the rest, she doesn't realize that there’s one man who will stop at nothing to get that girl back. “

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