Greetings, my name is Tamara Eastridge and I am the voice artist that you need for your next project.  I have a wide range of vocal skills and a driving passion to excel that I know you will truly appreciate.  My reads have been described as vivacious and energetic as well as motivational and inspiring.  My goal everyday is to do the best I can do and to be the best I can be which I take with me into every performance.  When you bring me into your project you will be getting a final product that is truly a Top Shelf Voice.

  • You have excellent, excellent verbal skills. I mean I think you should have your own radio show. The way you present yourself is very professional and at the same time motivational
    — Mike S.
  • I really like your voice. I also love your attitude and your bubbly personality
    — Hector V.
  • There is something that makes me feel good when I hear your voice, it is just mesmerizing
    — Bernard W.
  • Tamara I love your character voices, I just wish I had more projects to use you on
    — Bob T.
  • You are brilliant with characters. it's amazing! I LOVED your performances
    — Lisa